Know-how and experience for innovative solutions

Rodiek is a fully-owned subsidiary of Nehlsen AG and part of the Nehlsen-group. Nehlsen has been active in waste management since 1923.

Being part of the group, Rodiek can resort to the varied know-how of Nehlsen and use it for international projects such as:

  • Waste management
  • Waste treatment
  • Sewage disposal
  • Materials flow management
  • Technical support for plants, vehicles and workshops
  • Development of concepts for waste removal
  • Concepts for energy supply (gas, steam and electricity) based on waste

Nehlsen's long-term experience and technical know-how enables Rodiek to offer well-founded and innovative solutions to their clients. The cooperation with further companies of the Nehlsen-group ranges from the joint creation of concepts for landfills or waste management plants, to the provision of staff for the client on-site. Through their suppliers, Rodiek further profits from Germany's worldwide top position in the area of environmental technologies.

The incinerator of ANO, a subsidiary of Nehlsen, in Bremen.