Internationally active in waste management since 1988

At the beginning, there was the idea of offering help for self-help to an Angola tormented by the civil war. Dieter Nehlsen, then the owner of the waste management enterprise Nehlsen in Bremen, Germany, took the initiative in 1988. He sent out four employees of Nehlsen to Angola, among them also Peter Hoffmeyer, the present CEO of Nehlsen AG. Together, they founded the company Rodiek & Co. GmbH. Until 1991, the company was responsible for the reconstruction of municipal waste management in Angola's capital Luanda.

During the operation in Angola, Rodiek provided the entire equipment for municipal waste disposal, trained the staff on-site and constructed a workshop with around 90 workers to see to the repair of the waste disposal vehicles.

After this project had been concluded, further orders from the Angolan government followed. However, Rodiek has also conducted projects in other countries, like Cuba, Poland, Latvia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic and South Africa.

Piles of waste at the roadside in Angola´s capital Luanda. A wheel loader provided by Rodiek piles up the waste for removal.